12 Mount Royal Ave.
St. John's, NL
A1C 5E4

email: info@ambermusic.ca
Tel: (709) 722-9413

Amber Music is a Newfoundland based record label, handling the works of Newfoundland artists Pamela Morgan, Figgy Duff, Anita Best and the late Emile Benoit. Formed initially as an alternative to larger record companies who failed to recognize the significance of Newfoundland music, Amber's mandate is to produce high quality recordings and release/market them internationally, with their cultural integrity intact.

Formed in 1991 by Pamela Morgan , Anita Best, and Andre Wall, Amber Music was initially set up to distribute, market and represent two albums, "The Colour of Amber" by Pamela Morgan and Anita Best, and "Vive la Rose" by Emile Benoit. With the disbandment of Figgy Duff in 1993, Amber Music acquired the rights to all of Figgy Duff's recorded works.

In 1995 Amber Music compiled a Figgy Duff greatest hits package, "Figgy Duff - A Retrospective 1974 - 1993", and released the album within Canada.

1996 saw the release of Pamela Morgan's first solo album, "On A Wing And A Prayer". After touring and promoting the album, Pamela returned to the studio with Anita Best to produce Anita's record "Crosshanded". Also at this time Pamela Morgan and Anita Best began recording "Amber Christmas".

In 1997 "Crosshanded" was released and "Amber Christmas" was launched on a limited release (Atlantic Canada only) with an accompanying live show.

1998 began with a formal deal for Canadian distribution with Outside Music, and Amber Music re-launched the four Figgy Duff records along with its complete catalogue with Outside Music; the first time the entire body of Amber Music had been available in years.

The Amber Music catalogue is distributed in Canada, Asia, and parts of the U.S. while its internet/mail order division sells directly to customers worldwide. Several tracks have recently been licensed in Germany Spain, Italy, and France.

Most recently, with the procurement of an e-commerce secure site, Amber is beginning to open its doors to provide an outlet for friends and colleagues to sell their music, and to make easily available the albums that Pamela Morgan has produced.

Amber Music also acts as a management and production company for Pamela Morgan and as a booking agent for both Morgan and Anita Best.

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